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Advanced Wireless Power Charger

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Introducing the CW20 Wireless Mobile Phone Charger - the epitome of convenience and efficiency in the world of charging technology. Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to effortless charging with this sleek and innovative wireless charger. Designed to simplify your charging experience, the CW20 wireless charger eliminates the need for cumbersome cords and plugs. Simply place your compatible device on the charging pad, and watch as the magic happens. With its advanced technology, this charger delivers a seamless and reliable charging experience every time. Equipped with an input parameter of 24V and an output parameter of 24V, the CW20 ensures a steady and consistent flow of power to your device. This means that you can trust your phone to charge efficiently and effectively, without any interruptions or fluctuations. The CW20 wireless charger boasts a charging current of 500mA, providing a swift and efficient charging process. Whether you're in a rush to get out the door or simply want to top up your battery, this charger delivers the power you need in a fraction of the time. Compatible with a wide range of devices, this wireless charger features a USB interface, making it universally adaptable. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or any other device with wireless charging capabilities, the CW20 has got you covered. Not only does the CW20 wireless charger offer unparalleled functionality, but it also exudes a sleek and modern design. Its compact size and minimalist aesthetic make it the perfect addition to any space, whether it's your office desk, bedside table, or living room. Experience the future of charging with the CW20 wireless mobile phone charger. Embrace the convenience, efficiency, and style that this cutting-edge technology brings. Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and plugs, and say hello to a world of effortless charging. Get your CW20 wireless charger today and never worry about running out of battery again.


• Convenient Wireless Charging: The CW20 wireless mobile phone charger offers a hassle-free charging experience. Simply place your phone on the charger, and it will start charging wirelessly without the need for any cables or connectors. No more fumbling with tangled cords or worrying about finding the right charging port.

• Versatile Compatibility: This wireless charger is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other Qi-enabled devices. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or any other Qi-compatible device, the CW20 charger has got you covered. It provides a reliable and efficient charging solution for all your devices.

• Fast and Efficient Charging: With an output parameter of 24V and a charging current of 500mA, the CW20 wireless charger ensures fast and efficient charging for your devices. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to quick top-ups. Whether you need to charge your phone at home, in the office, or on the go, the CW20 charger delivers a reliable and speedy charging experience. Enhance your charging experience with the CW20 wireless mobile phone charger. Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging, compatibility with various devices, and fast charging capabilities. Say goodbye to tangled cords and slow charging times with this versatile and efficient wireless charger.

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